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Why us?

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Import and storage of hazardous substances is stressful

Getting it wrong can be costly in time, money and even legal problems.

Unforeseen events are part of the business. You deserve a partner who is always available and acts quickly to provide you with solutions.

Your cargo IMO solved
in minutes (not days)

Flexible end-to-end solution

We offer an end to end service that you can customize to your needs.

24/7 availability

Our phone is available around the clock with professionals who will solve your problem.


We simplify a complex process to put you in control with no surprises or hidden costs.

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In Químicos Wedding Planners the Serviex Ltda podcast you will learn everything you need to know about import, export, storage and distribution of chemicals, waste, pharmaceuticals and general cargo. 

FREE: IMO Cargo Consulting

IMO Cargo Advisory focuses on providing information and recommendations on the safe transport of dangerous cargoes in accordance with International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations.

Risk assessment, legal requirements and safety measures to protect people, the environment and property during the maritime transport of these cargoes.


Comprehensive and flexible service

Comprehensive and flexible methodology in 9 steps.
From the factory to the final destination with the level of service you need.


Withdrawal of product from the factory, from anywhere in the world.
Management and logistics for withdrawal of different types of merchandise from the factory of origin.

2. Documentation

Backup of documentation that your cargo needs.
Import/Export Documentation Management, BL supervision, Bill of Lading, translation services and standardization of Chilean regulations for hazardous substances, pharmacological substances, waste and general cargo.

3. International relocation

Sea, land or air transportation.
Management of Documentation and Logistics for International Transportation, by air, land or sea, according to merchandise requirements and client's request.

4. Customs procedures

Customs processing and documentation services.
Basic documentation, Invoice, BL, packaging list, HDS according to Chilean IMO standard, CDA application, tax payment.

5. Transfer to warehouses

Withdrawal from port or airport in authorized transport according to type of merchandise to transitory warehouse.
Authorized transportation according to type of merchandise, with pick up at port, dry port or airport in Chilean territory, with direct destination to Serviex Ltda. warehouses, which are authorized to receive hazardous substances, waste and pharmaceuticals.

6. Authorized Winery

Stay in authorized warehouse to process U&D, once the cargo is released you choose.
Unloading/unconsolidation of bulk cargo according to SKU, traceability, reception, inventory taking, implementation of internal bar code, preparation of reception report to process U&D and report with photographic record. Once the cargo is released, the customer chooses how to proceed.

7. Customer Dispatch

Merchandise is shipped to customer.
Dispatch of the totality of the merchandise, with authorized transport according to type of cargo.

8. Prolonged storage

Extended Storage with Inventory Management.
We provide ADM services, inventory management, palletizing, strapping, shrink wrapping, document preparation, partial shipments, auditing services, development of management plans and other additional services.

9. Distribution Center

Distribution Center with order management and distribution.
We have our own Distribution Center that performs FullFilment for traditional and ecommerce businesses, with customized packing and picking services for all types of merchandise, with distribution and reverse logistics.

Why us?

Door-to-door service from factory to end customer

Delivery of Resolution of Authorized Warehouse to Process CDA
Customs Advisory

Translation and Chilean Standardization of Safety Data Sheets
Execution and Optimization of Logistics Operations
24-Hour Telephone Service Every Day of the Year
On-the-Spot Quotation with No Hidden Costs

Own warehouses authorized to load Suspel, Respel and Pharmaceuticals.
Process Manuals, Management Plans and Customized Projects





From logistical chaos to
a stocked, audited and available inventory


Years of experience


Loads released

24 hrs



Year-round operations

Choose the membership that suits you

At Serviex Ltda., we know that every company has unique logistics and warehousing needs. That is why we offer three exclusive membership levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Silver: Ideal for small and medium-sized companies seeking efficiency and security in their daily operations.

Gold: Designed for growing businesses that require a higher level of service and personalized attention.

Platinum: Our most exclusive level, perfect for companies that demand the utmost in service, flexibility and high-end features.


Solving your charge is simple and transparent IMO



In a call or whatsapp message, the required service and level of urgency is consulted.



Within minutes we will provide a quotation and payment methods.


Peace of mind

We take care of everything your cargo needs immediately.

What our customers say

Frequently asked questions

Not necessarily. With us you will have a single quote that covers everything you need to optimize the processing of your cargo, there are no hidden or additional costs that appear later. Besides, we are the only ones who attend 24/7.

No problem! You can try us with a single shipment or keep a single pallet with us to evaluate us. We are sure you will notice the difference in service.

We are small but with robust solutions. We have our own warehouse, quotes with no hidden costs, 24/7 personalized attention and a simple and transparent work methodology towards our customers. There are no better hands than ours to handle your cargo.

We are strategically located 4km from Route 68, 18km from the Port of Valparaiso, 77km from the Port of San Antonio and 93km from the Santiago Airport. This location also allows us to store whatever we need for as long as we need, complying with all current regulations.

We are the only company that has its own warehouses for chemicals, waste, pharmaceuticals and general cargo in the same place. This reduces logistics costs, optimizing stock management and management plans under current regulations. In addition to warehousing, we have a team of multidisciplinary professionals who perform different services and integral consulting.


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